MICHAEL LANCTO, Entrepreneur and Success Coach
Starting from $0 income and heavily in debt, Michael worked 100% from home (no local meetings, no home parties, no building with corporate events) and became debt-free. Michael has earned a full-time income from home since 1999, and is a multiple 7 figure earner. Now Michael coaches many average people to earn more residual income by working from home, then they earned on any job in their life. 
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I was born and raised in a middle-class home in Flint, MI. My family also owned a log cabin on Houghton Lake, MI for frequent vacations and weekend get-aways that provided some of the best memories of my childhood.

I joined the U.S. Air Force at age 18 and served as a Disbursement Accountant Specialist. My duty assignments included Peterson AFB, CO and Ramstein AB, Germany for a total of 5 and half years.

By God's grace I received my degree as Salutatorian from a Bible College/seminary in Florida with highest honors. After graduation, I spent six years as a missionary to the military in Germany, then six years after that as a pastor in Michigan then Alabama. After that I served one year as a Bible teacher in Florida.

I had a dream to one-day have a full-time income from my own business that I could do from my computer and cell phone, so I could volunteer any ministry services.

Since 1983 I joined over 2 dozen home businesses, in search of the solution to finance my dream.

These home business companies were in a variety of "industries" including: Telecommunications, Nutritional, Health and Wellness, Internet Service Providers, Leads, Various Products, Music, Marketing, Training and Education, Travel, Weight-Loss, and Discount Health Care Benefits.

My experience in these companies were an education of what NOT to select for a home business for the average person to succeed.

In the late 1990's I met Brian Boyd, my first real business mentor. Brian is a quiet man with a servant's heart. You'd never find him speaking at a conference, but he taught me so much about how to succeed in a home-business. I will forever be thankful for what he taught me and for his friendship. As a result in 1999 I began to earn a full-time income, and in 2001 I began earning a six-figure income that grew to a multiple-six-figure income!

The financial success I've enjoyed suprised me greatly. My original all-time income goal was $2,000 per month. I thought "Maybe one day if I work hard, I can achieve that." However, chasing after money was not the key. I developed the motto of "If you care about people, your dreams will chase you down." I began to help OTHERS achieve their goals, and in the process my income grew and grew. My friend, work harder at helping others than you do helping yourself. It's more satisfying and more rewarding in so many ways.

My personal success has taken me to 41 of our beautiful 50 United States and to 16 awesome other countries. Not having to wake up for a job and boss, means waking up when I'm done sleeping not when an alarm wakes me up. It's a lifestyle most only dream about.

Thanks to my income from my home business, I have revisited the mission field. I served as an interim pastor. I filled numerous pulpits as a guest speaker and/or teacher, and God has allowed me to continue serving others in so many ways - in business, personally, financially and spiritually. Now, the sky is the limit.

How rewarding to have successes of hundreds of people to earn MORE working from home than they earned on their best job ever. Once you know the formula it becomes simple and fun. I'm always looking for new people who are serious about earning a great income from home.

My passion continues to be: to help others. There's an inner peace that comes when you know you've done something to help others, and there are so many ways we can help others."

It's been a great honor to train thousands of people how to be successful all over the country. These locations include:

1) Atlanta7) Houston13) Nashville
2) Boston8) Jacksonville14) Ontario
3) Dallas9) Kansas City15) Orlando
4) Daytona Beach10) Las Vegas16) Richmond

If you allow me to personally coach you, there is no extra charge for my personal training.

I am always looking for good people to help, who are willing to learn and follow a simple and fun plan for greater success. If that sounds at all like you, CONTACT ME today.

My PASSION is to help as many people personally to achieve a residual income that is more than enough to pay for all their bills and have money left over.


  1. God as my witness I will only tell you the truth.
  2. I will not spam you 
  3. I will never give your info to any other company.
  4. I will strive to be the best coach and mentor ever.
  5. I am available Mon-Sat 9am-9pm EST
  6. I have extended hours if you live out west.
  7. I will stop contacting you immediately upon request.
  8. I will not pressure you to join, signup, etc.

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