Postcard Designed For You

Special Offer for my Level 1 and Level 2 Trunited business partners. Would you like a customized Postcard designed with YOUR name & contact info? Here are 2 designs you can select from & below them how to qualify…

Note: I will put your Name, Phone, Email & website vertically in the BLACK area on the right side of your postcard for you – or if you want something else there, let me know.



Ok .. the last one was to make you laugh. No one wants that one. hehe

I can show you how to order these from Vistaprint for only 6 cents each, AND get you an amazing 16% Profit Points. These are standard 4×6 inch postcards for this print with Glossy finish on the frontside.

You can mail these as postcards at postcard mailing rates, or use them as a handout in person, either way.

Of course it will be YOUR name, email, phone and website in the black area on the right side of the card. Make sure to tell me which card you want.

OPTION: I can even use YOUR photo in most cases if you send me your high quality photo. Also if you want the wording changed, I can do that too.

Modifications allowed, just be specific.

Just send me $18 via to email account: – I will design it for you OR if you have 50 or more personal points on your account, let me know that and I will design it for you at no cost.


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