Michael Lancto


Hello Brother Benjamin

I made you this 3 min video.

Very important you see it right away.


I'm super excited to be in business with you. Thought I'd give you a heads up that you have an InCruises Invoice that needs your attention -- your credit/card may have expired or recently replaced.

It's super easy...

Login: www.incruises.com/login

Click: Payment (left side menu)

Click: Invoices

Add card and pay

As of today, you have $1,000 Cruise Dollar balance with InCruises. Please do not let this go to $0 by doing nothing. You'll need to pay your invoice asap to keep this, or lose it at any time now.

When you pay a $1100 invoice, InCruises also pays you $1100. Your balance will be higher than what you have paid in. Wow!

1) Do nothing, any day your balance will go to $0

2) Pay $1100 invoice, your balance will be $3,200

3) Submit reset request, pay $100, balance $1,000

Choice is yours.

I'm here to help. If you need any assistance, just contact me. I love helping my biz partners any way that I can.

Happy to have you on board,

Michael Lancto

cell: 904-233-9285

VIP Cruising Club Founder, InCruises