Simply Install This FREE App below and Our Organization will donate to the Mark and Amy Coffee ministry EVERY MONTH ON YOUR BEHALF. Our Organization will never charge you or ask you for money. Your participation is Private and Secure.

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In Addition to Our Organization

Donating to Mark & Amy Coffee

YOU will be Paid also.

Download this free app and The Coffee's will be paid a cash donation every month your App remains active AND you can earn up-to $25 cash each month at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I use the App?

A. Simply download the App and Install it. Then in your cell phone 'Settings' select the 'Location Settings' to 'Always' and go live life as normal. Tapestri does all the work for you.

Q. How is my data protected and private?

A. When you sign-up to download the app, your name, email and everything else goes into our secure, encrypted (decentralized) servers. Your anonymous data then goes through an elaborate separation process to become completely 100% anonymous. The only piece of information that's constant is a random identifier moving or resting, to and from a retail location. At the end of the day, visitation data is what you'll be passing along to us and what you'll earn from, month after month. AND Your Missionary will be supported also.

Q. Can I share Tapestri with friends and family to earn more?

A. Yes! You will earn $1 referral fee for everyone you refer that installs Tapestri, as long is it remains active and "Location is set to Always". If you'd like to help missionaries Mark and Amy Coffee earn even more, we would appreciate it if you shared this website with friends and family; this will benefit their ministry even more. You can choose to do surveys in the App to personally earn more also. If you wish information on how to earn more click here.


Q. How will I be paid and how often?


A. Tapestri will pay you using either Paypal or Stripe on the 15th of every month. For more details on how you will be paid, click here to send an email and request "Tap Pay Info".


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